About me

Hello Everyone! I am Rakesh Patil from India. A warm welcome to my technical blog site!

I work as a Java Developer. I mainly work on Java and Javascript Web Development and I love it. 

I like to play with various technologies and learn new things everyday in my leisure time. I just had a thought of writing it down on the web so that it would be helpful for someone at some corner of the world who might be thinking of learn the same thing that I have learnt.

This blog contains information on several latest Java and Scripting Development technology topics with appropriate explanation. I never write a blog here on any topic, without actually implementing it myself to make sure that I am not misleading the readers of my blog. Please remember this - the best place to get help for the issues you have in your own implementation is at technical forums and not on blogs. I welcome comments about technical inaccuracies you may spot, or typos - or indeed improvements you might want to offer to the post I have presented, or any other aspect of this site.

About BestInJava

BestInJava is a leading web blog, specialized in topics like Core Java, Advance Java, Scripting languages and many more.

Anyone can get information without any restriction from BestInJava. If any problem persists, one can ask on particular post via comment. Your query will be solved soon.